MiserereForOurIndifference for tape, commission by WassermanProject, pressed by Third Man Records, Detroit 2022

Nailar for guitar and electronic, commissioned by guitarist Davide Ficco commissioned by Davide Ficco for the CD Asymmetric Thought: Italian Music for Guitar and Electronics 2020.

WhatAreWeWaitingFor for voice and electronic, commissioned by the Forum Wallis 2018.

Janus, in collaboration with Federico Gardella and sculpture by Brandon Clifford, commission of the American Academy in Rome, 2018.

…there is another way of looking at things, in collaboration with M. Nannucci, commissioned by Hangar Bicocca for tape 2018.

WeWillNeverBeGreatAgain for voice, recorders and electronic, 2017

AuMilieuDuLac for flute and electronic, 2016

MusicThatMoneyCanBuy for six channels tape, 2016

African Horn for tape, commissioned by Biennale Musica di Venezia, 2012

Fluoressence musical video, 2011

Madrigale 01 for tape, commission of Vocal Ensemble L’Homme Armé, 2009

ENjOy\MaISpeiz for flute, MIDI wind controller and live electronic 2009

Aurora, Progreditur, Consurgens, Quasi, quattro miniature per nastro solo, commission of Vocal Ensemble L’Homme Armé, 2008

…..a moment before the towers for flute and live electronics2008

Montparnasse, Les nuits electriques, La Marche de Machines ofEugène Deslaw, in collaboration with Daniele Lombardi, commission of MART (Modern Art Museum) Rovereto, 2006

Metropolis tape music in collaboration with Daniele Lombardi, commission of GAM Torino, CD edited by edizione Mudima 2006