Composer, Sound Designer, Computer Music Designer, Technology Designer, Multimedia Artist

Composer, computer music designer, sound designer and software developer, born in Winterthur, graduated in Flute and Electronic Music.

Computer Music Designer professor at IRCAM and Co-founder and CTO of MUSICO. 

Formerly co-founder of MusicFit and MUSST, has worked for ArchitetturaSonora, and as researcher for the Basel University, the HEM Geneva, the HEMU in Lausanne and the MARTLab research center in Florence.

Specialised in interactive and multimedia arts, his work passes also through an intense activity of music oriented technology design, in this field he has developed many algorithms which ranges from sound spatialisation and space virtualisation to sound masking and to generative music.

He has been professor in Electroacoustic Composition and Computer Music at the Conservatoire of Cuneo and Florence and worked as computer music designer at CIMM of Venice Biennale.